It doesn't get any better than this...


Pardon me while I do a happy dance. There's nothing better in business than a happy client:

"My husband and I were looking to make a 1,000 mile move from Iowa to Pensacola and were placed with Sandra Stewart through Relocation. We didn't expect to get someone like her! We expected someone who would follow us around wherever we wanted to go in a new town and help us along the way like what we've experienced with most realtors, but that was not Sandra style. It was a true blessing to have her assigned to us! She looked at many variables at the houses we were interested in, whether it was the safety of the neighborhood, properties she was concerned about, termite bonds and warranties, value for dollar, etc. Her professionalism and appearance were consistent throughout the whole process. Sandra was very considerate of what we wanted, and shared what kind of lifestyle we were about to enter living in the Southeast. She is so sweet and personal, making it very easy to talk to her about concerns or dreams. She was clear in her verbal and written communications. She gave excellent advice and looked out for us when I know that some may have not. She knew all of our questions and was quick to reply either by text, phone or email. She went above and beyond!

I cannot go without mentioning that we had our two kids (ages 6 & 7) with us on the long day of house hunting. Sandra made it a fun experience for them which was a huge deal and made the experience all the better!

We are so happy to have had the pleasure of meeting Sandra! Sandra works very hard and is the best at what she does. I would recommend her to friends and family. My biggest suggestion working with Sandra Stewart would be to trust her, she knows what she's talking about! Sandra has set the bar very high for any future realtors in our lifetime!"

Deserae, from Iowa to Pensacola, FL (Buyer)